The uOttawa eAwards system "the eAwards system" is an online tool that enables individuals to electronically submit, for the uOttawa's approval, their application for funding in accordance with Policy 48 - Grants and Contracts Administered by the University of Ottawa. It also enables the University to support, approve, monitor, administer and/or evaluate such applications while respecting the confidential nature of the information provided.

All information entered into the eAwards system is managed and protected in accordance with applicable laws and policies as set out below, and in accordance with these Terms and Conditions of Use.


Information provided will be transmitted in an encrypted file format and stored on a secure server located in Canada. Information collected using the web forms will be treated in strict confidence.

The University of Ottawa is subject to the Ontario Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FIPPA). Personal information and other information contained in the application are collected under the authority of the University of Ottawa Act, 1965 and in accordance with University Policy 90 and are used for the purpose of and those consistent with administering grants and research application and funds, including without limitation, to identify and authenticate you when using the eAwards system, the help desk or in the event that you forget your system account or password. uOttawa and the eAwards system provider may access, disclose or preserve content or information associated with the eAwards system and service necessary to enable you to use the service, to administer and ensure the integrity of the eAwards system, compliance with uOttawa policies, procedures and regulations necessary to comply with laws and legal processes in Ontario, Canada, or to protect uOttawa, the university community or the public.

Questions about this information collection should be directed to Research Management Services (info-sgr-rms@uottawa.ca). Please refer to "Contacts" in the menu bar for contact information.

I AGREE WITH AND CONSENT to the following:

  1. I am an applicant, co-applicant, institutional administrator of an application for funding submitted for the uOttawa's approval.

  2. All the information that I provide is accurate and complete. I agree to inform the uOttawa immediately of any change to the information provided.

  3. I agree that uOttawa and the eAwards system provider may collect the personal information that I have provided in connection with my application for the purposes related to and consistent with the provision of the eAwards system and those described in these Terms and Conditions of Use.

  4. I understand that I must keep my passwords safe and confidential; that I should not divulge them to anyone; that I am fully responsible for the security of my password and that uOttawa is not responsible for any loss to my data should I neglect to protect my password. I also agree that. I will notify Research Management Services immediately if I suspect that the security of my account login or password information has been breached, or if I suspect that access to my account has been or may be used unlawfully or without my consent.

  5. I understand that no changes will be made by the uOttawa directly in any application and that the information received by the uOttawa will be retained in a secure manner for my current and future use of the eAwards system.

  6. I agree that the uOttawa, in its sole discretion, is not required to accept any incomplete, inappropriate, inaccurate or late applications and that the uOttawa, its staff, reviewers and funding partners will not be responsible for any incomplete, inappropriate, inaccurate or late applications. The uOttawa may, where appropriate, return or reject applications.

  7. I will not use or disclose any information that I obtain or view in connection with my permitted access to the eAwards system except for the purposes of my participation in the funding application process.

  8. I warrant that I will not use the system for any purpose that breaches confidentiality or privacy of others, is unlawful or prohibited by this agreement or that in any way could damage or impair the eAwards system or interfere with any other party's use of the eAwards system. I will not obtain, or attempt to obtain, any materials or information through the system that I am not intended and authorized to access. NOTE: eAwards system activity is monitored.

  9. The uOttawa reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to terminate or restrict my access to the eAwards system and the related services or any portion thereof at any time, without notice.

  10. If I have any questions or concerns regarding these conditions of agreement, I can contact Research Management Services (info-sgr-rms@uottawa.ca). Please refer to "Contacts" in the menu bar for contact information.


  1. uOttawa Approvals
  2. The eAwards system enables approval of application submissions in accordance with the uOttawa Policy 48 (Grants and Contracts Administered by the University of Ottawa):

    • Approval of the funding request or proposal by the Director of the Department and the Dean or Vice-Dean of the Faculty the responsibility of the applicant to obtain the necessary approvals and signatures.
    • Once you have completed and submitted this online form, you will be required to print a copy, obtain the required signatures and forward a copy to Research Management Services (RMS). Instructions will be provided at the end of this online process.

  3. Researcher's Roles and Responsibilities
  4. Researchers are responsible for managing and conducting their research projects and for the overall sound administration of all research funding allocated to them, in accordance with the funding agency guidelines, University policies and with ethical and legal standards. In particular, researchers are responsible for:

    • The management and conduct of the project(s).
    • Meeting reporting and deliverable requirements to the research sponsor.
    • Sound financial management and the proper allocation of research funding.
    • Management and supervision of employees, postdoctoral fellows, and students.
    • Ensuring a safe working environment.
    • Complying with external regulatory requirements.
    • Ensuring all conflicts of interest are disclosed and managed, including those of research staff and students.
    • Ensuring compliance with the research sponsor regulations, the University's policies and procedures governing the management and conduct of research, including any terms and conditions governing the award.

    Researchers must comply with applicable University policies. Consultation of policies related to the following is particularly recommended:

    • Research Grants and Contracts, see Policy No. 48
    • Administration of Trust Funds, see Policy No. 85
    • Research Assistants, see Policies Nos. 5 and 110
    • Support Staff, see Policies Nos. 2, 3, 8, 9 and 12
    • Professional Fees, see Policy No. 3
    • Purchase of Equipment, see Policies Nos. 36 and 37
    • Travel, see Policy No. 21
    • Computer, see Policy No. 80
    • Conflict of Interest - Members of Staff, see Policy No. 70
    • Working Conditions for Contractual Staff paid from Grants and External Contracts, see Policy No. 47B

    Whenever a researcher is in doubt regarding the interpretation of a uOttawa policy, he/she should consult with the Administrative Officer and/or Research Manager of their Academic Unit.

    For more information regarding the management of research funding and the roles and responsibilities, please consult the Researcher's Guide on the RMS' website at the following link: www.rms.uottawa.ca.

  5. uOttawa's Roles and Responsibilities
  6. Researchers are not alone in meeting these responsibilities. The uOttawa, through its Faculties, (internal) Institutes, Research Centers, and its central services, provides a physical and administrative infrastructure within which a researcher conducts his/her research program as well as a range of administrative, information and regulatory expertise and support - notably, Research Managers.

    Note: All requests for funding and/or proposals relative to grants or research and service contracts, following review by the Director of the department and the Dean or Vice-Dean of the faculty, must be approved by the appropriate research office before submission to any outside agency. For a list of research offices along with their coordinates, please consult the Researchers' Roles and Responsibilities at the following link: http://www.research.uottawa.ca/services.html

When I select "I accept" below, I confirm that I am in full acceptance of the eAwards system (A) Consent to Collection and Use of Personal Information and (B) Conditions of Agreement - Grants and Contracts Administered by the University of Ottawa. This electronic acceptance is equivalent to my handwritten signature. I recognize and accept that this agreement applies in full to all applications, documents and communications I may submit, view or obtain electronically or otherwise relating to the Awards system.